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Simply the Best! I have been seeing Colette for many years. Colette has a real talent for knowing your body and providing the best therapy for your situation. Post cancer treatment and surgery, Colette has helped me tremendously with scar tissue and range of motion issues. I never feel better than when I leave her table. She is simply the best!

Reviews and Testimonials

A. Wheeler
Excellent I've been seeing Colette for almost 2 years and I've made more progress with my body than I ever have before over the past 20 years. I've been going every week for about 6 months and that consistency makes a world of difference. She is extremely knowledgeable and can help you create a path to healing that is specific to your body and your needs. I highly recommend her!
Elaine L
Singing Praises! Colette Chavez Walker is a gifted, intuitive healer who works with you to help you realign to your perfect health. She has studied around the world, and is versed in many holistic healing techniques; her knowledge is quite amazing! Not only does she tend to muscular/skeletal issues, but she is in-tune with the workings of your organs and emotional health as well. In a very short time (seven weeks), she has helped me melt away years of carried stress, tame a chronic stomach issue, and shrink a cyst that doctors wanted to remove surgically. If you are willing to be an active participant in your well-being, Colette can transform you; I am so very grateful for her!
Stop reading and book it! I'm not a relative, a shill, or a bot, but my review is going to read like it was written by one... Colette is one of the best massage therapists in Portland and perhaps the country. She has been helping me for years with stiff shoulders and neck from too many hours sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard, strain from sports, and minor aches and pains from growing... less young. She is a lifelong learner who is constantly reading and taking courses to improve her craft. Her memory for anatomy and techniques is impressive. She's great. Stop reading and make your appointment already!
Julie F
Heal, Balance, Thrive These three states of being are what Colette has brought to my life over the last seven years. I first discovered her out of sheer desperation to heal from multiple work related back injuries that no doctor, PT, or chiropractor could fix. I was immediately impressed by her ability hear my body with her hands, to know exactly what to do to finally begin the healing process. She changed my life and my health for the better. No more need for a doctor, with regular visits, she became my healer. I continued to see Colette through my pregnancy. She was very knowledgable of what massage techniques were not only safe but beneficial to my condition. With her help, I delivered within one day of my due date, a healthy baby. I continued to see her for post-pregnancy support and general healing and balance. I discovered her Thai massages to be of tremendous benefit both physically and mentally and emotionally. When Colette ventured into her own business, there was a period of time where I tried several other therapists but none were as good as Colette. An auto injury that was not healing finally encouraged me to drive the extra distance to see Colette. With 12 visits, I went from functioninh at 40-50% to 95% and on a confident trajectory to 100%. I am eternally grateful for her and she will also be the one to help me heal, find balance in my life, and more importantly, thrive.
Christine P
Talented I like to think of Colette as a Shaman. I've been to several massage therapists, and none as unique as Colette. Along with her passion, she has an incredible drive for continuing to learn in her field of expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how it functions, and she takes the time to pay special attention to each and every client and their specific needs. She goes above and beyond by including any special follow up treatment advice (i.e. soaking, icing, topical treatments, etc) as part of your session. She also makes herself available to her clients for any other advice needed. Colette is a master at her craft, and she offers very professional services that heal your body and teaches you how to maintain a healthy balance.
Asia Y
Excellent Therapy I have been seeing Colette for over 2 years. She has been a wonderful and integral part of my bodywork team. I have seen chiropractors, rolfers, various massage therapists and physical therapists. All of those individuals treat acute pain and specific body parts. She goes above and beyond to understand my body dysfunction by looking at the whole body connection. She has even gone so far as asking my chiropractor for a consultation about my condition so that we can make a cohesive treatment plan. Not only does she address the acute aches and pains I have when I come to see her; we have also been working on a holistic plan of total body re-alignment and myo-fascial release. Colette has used many different massage modalities on me. She has even helped me explore the use of essential oils and natural remedies for inflammation and colds. I completely trust her healing hands. She knows when to give focused attention on one area and not cause more pain if I’m having soreness or a muscular flare-up. She has helped me gain more range of motion following knee surgery by breaking up scar tissue adhesions and re-aligning the fascia. Her work has changed the way I walk for the better! I hope more people give her a try. You will love how her massage makes you feel.
Sharon G
Healing by Intention Colette brings to us a symphony of healing tools she invites us to participate in. Her wisdom, compassion and skill guides her to assess and recommend modalities to support and correct any bodily imbalances. Gently and lovingly delivered, I always leave the sessions a better version of myself.
Colette is the best! I started my work with Colette having gone through western medicine and naturopathic care for GI troubles and a mysterious breathing issue. Through our work together she has taught me so much about my own body and how to heal and take care of my body. We've been able to unravel the layers of emotional entanglements that have been affecting my physical well-being and the outcome is that my emotional and physical wellness is improving. I'm so thankful to have met her and to have had the opportunity to work with her. I trust her and am grateful for all the wisdom she has shared with me. She has a long-term client in me and I recommend her to anyone who just wishes to pamper themselves or to heal any deeper ailments they may be having. She is wonderful!
Michael B
Colette is an amazingly skilled massage therapist, I can't recommend her enough! Colette is an amazingly skilled massage therapist, I can't recommend her enough! She has helped me through numerous injuries and helped me to get my body to a much healthier and more functional state. I've been to many licensed massage therapists and Colette is the best. She has incredible instincts for finding the root of an issue and helping to unlock it. Thank you Colette for all you've done to help heal me.
Glenda Gingras
My Health Insurance Throughout my lifetime of over 75 years, I had continuously taken daily vitamins, did various exercises,ate healthy, and in general felt "pretty" good. The idea of the balance of mind, body, and soul was very much implanted in my being. Still I knew there was one piece of the puzzle of comfortable daily living missing. From my studies, I knew that missing piece to be a relaxing regular body massage. Over the years I had monthly massage at times but at that time was not. My daughter introduced me to Colette. Monthly massage has been an important component in my healthy routine since (over two years). I am now fast approaching 81 years young and feeling better than when years younger. Colette knows the human skeleton and body structure better than anyone I know. Her ministrations keep me functioning comfortably as I so much want. I only wish more of my friends understood or wanted the difference massage can play in healthy living.
annie m
Eclectic Healing Guide I have been receiving wonderful healing massage therapy from Colette for 2 years. I attend regularly. Colette has made a significant difference in problem areas but also in my overall health and well being. I highly recommend Colette.