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  • How to schedule appointments

    If you are new to this office please select the New Client options. This allows  me (Colette) to know I need to send you a welcome letter and make sure you get new client paper work. Need a peak back at the website? Here you go.

    If you have completed your new client paper work and you are returning for a second or more appointment Thank You. Please select from one of the Journey options. 
    If you would like more insight and details into the type of massage modalities I draw from  please visit the website by GOING HERE .

    Next, simply decide if you would like my general fusion style session or one of my more specialized sessions. If you select Fusion just pick from the returning client area. If you select Speciality scroll down to that area. Thanks. 
    Pay as you go applies to returning and specialty sessions.   For booking agreements here. To learn more about payment options.

    • Complimentary Consultation Free
      You have read over my website but still have a few questions before committing to your investment in our massage journey together. No worries let's schedule some time to have a chat and make sure we are on the same page with your body's needs. When you book put in your phone # in the notes section, I will call that phone at the scheduled time. Just in case you need to click back to the website  HERE YOU GO
    • New Client Sessions

      These are for clients who are seeing Colette for the first time at Eclectic Healing Guide. Colette needs to review your Intake forms with you before conducting a massage. This appointment allows you to set goals and establish the type of massage best for your current needs. In general my massages are a fusion of Deep Tissue and Thai massage. If you are wanting a specialty massage we can discuss doing a specialty during your intake review. With the exception of Foot Soaks and Hot Stones , most specialties can be done as a first visit.
    • Specialty Sessions

      These are for those who either are formilar with these massage styles or we have decided these styles best fit how we are seeking to realign the body.
      • 1/2 hour foot soak with foot massage $50
        Used for either Therapeutic needs or pampering spa sessions. You can also add from the Treats section Below.
      • Couples 1/2 foot soak with Lower leg massage $100
        Each person receives a 30 min foot soak and a 30 min lower leg/foot massage. The whole session is 1 hour. The Appointment is booked under one name. In the notes provide the second person's name. You will both fill out an intake form on this visit.
      • 1/2 hour focused Abdominal massage $40
      • 1 hour Focused Abdominal Massage $80
        This is for anyone seeking help with digestive issues, structural alignment enhancement, preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery, wanting to enhance respiratory function, fertility issues, women's cycling issues and improving connection of mind/body.
      • 90 min Focused Abdominal Massage $120
        This is the same as the one hour abdominal but for those having more congestion and adhesions or needing a gentler/slower approach. 
      • CST(Craniosacral) 1 hour $80
      • CST (Craniosacral) 11/2 hour $120
      • Fertility Focused Massage 1 hour $80
         Depending on your history and evaluation this massage will consist of abdominal, head and feet  massage.  Depending on where you are in your cycle we can focus just on the Abdomine and also teach you a massage and some exercises to do at home. If you just want to come in for Abdominal or foot soak book under those headings above. However, if you are new to Eclectic Healing Guide and Colette's massage, you must first schedule a New Client Session. If you need help deciding what amount of time to schedule for your appointment  Please start with the Consultation appointment above. For a sample of useful mediations I have created visit the website HERE
      • Hot Stone Massage 1 1/2 hour $120
      • Hot Stone Massage 2 hour $160
      • Lunch and 1/2 lower leg/foot massage $40
        Grab your lunch at one of the eateries near by, bring it in and eat while you get your feet massaged
      • Reiki 1 hour $80
        This is an energy body therapy. It can be combined with CST . Need more information visit the website HERE
      • Reiki 1 1/2 hour $120
      • Reiki 2 hour $160
      • Simply Relax $85
        Sometimes you just want to come in and melt into the table. This is that massage. We  start face up with warming mitts and boots, we spray a mist of essential oil spray around you and then we indulge in a silent full body purely relaxing massage. We won't be looking for any areas to re-align this is not a working session just relaxing.
      • Thai Focus Massage 1 hour $80
      • Thai Massage 1 1/2 hour $120
      • Thai Massage 2 hour $160
      • Tok Sen Thai Massage 11/2 hour $120
        Special Thai massage focused on the energy lines. Helpful in relieving Headaches, Hazy Vision and ringing in the ears, muscle pains and stiffness and more.
      • Therapeutic Aromatic Massage 1 hour $100
        A combination of relaxing massage strokes and essential oils (added to my coconut oil base). You take the bottle of remaining oil home to continue using and relaxing after your massage.
      • Therapeutic Aromatic Massage 1 1/2 hour $140
        You get to take the bottle with remaining oil home.
      • TMJ Focused Massage 1 hour $80
         Depending on your history and my evaluation this massage will be focused on the head and jaw. If you are new to Eclectic Healing Guide and Colette's massage, you must first schedule a New Client Session. If you need help deciding what amount of time to schedule for your appointment email (here through appointment inquiry) or text at 503-330-0656. 
    • Specialty Sessions and Massage Add ONs

      If you would like more insight and details regarding the massage modalities I draw from or the massage treats that can be added to your foot soaks and/or massage please visit the website by 
    • Pre-Paid Programs

      With this journey you are looking to invest time in an intentional way to help improve your alignment and well-being.  .Please, read over the agreement prior to signing on to either of these programs. Thank you
      • Re-Alignment Package Journey

        This is the Journey for individuals who are starting to connect deeper with their 4 bodies. These individuals are going beyond pain no pain to find the source of their bodies dysfunction. Want more details click here
        • Returning Client 1 hour massage $70
        • Body Centered Coaching Journey

          This is the journey for the individual who is ready to set up Action Plans to go deep into their healing journey. These individuals want to address all 4 bodies on the massage table and off the massage table. This journey takes the Re-Alignment journey to the next level. I will develop a customized program based on the learning style and body needs of the individual to help align heart values, thoughts and habits to bring all 4 bodies into alignment.  This program is in the Pilot stage. To join this stage of the program please Select  the complimentary consultation appointment for us to get started laying out your journey.
  • Reiki Attunement Class

    Please  visit the website by GOING HERE 
    If you are interested in studying Reiki under my mentorship please  email me



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